Computational Precision Health Seminar (CPH 270, Fall 2023)

Computational precision health is a rapidly evolving field at the intersection of the computational (to include computer science, data science, and statistics) and the health sciences (clinical medicine, population health, clinical research). The seminar series will consist of a combination of journal club-style discussion of recent literature in Computational Precision Health, guest faculty speakers drawn from across the program’s faculty and beyond, presentations by second-year students on work completed during lab rotations, and presentations by students on “work in progress” on active dissertation research. Each cohort of PhD and DE students will have their own breakout sections to build community within that year.

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Computational Precision Health Cornerstone (CPH 200C, Spring 2024)

This course series, which uses Problem-Based Learning to build student’s ability to work effectively in interdisciplinary teams, from ideation to development, testing, and validation in the real world.